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Six Pack Shortcuts Review – My Honest Opinion

June 23rd, 2011 7 comments

Hey, Rob here,

Thanks for being patient and it’s finally done. So, without further ado…

“Here’s the Most Comprehensive Six Pack Shortcuts Review on the Net”

No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know before signing up!

Note: This is a review site: Click Here to Visit the Six Pack Shortcuts Official Website

Why am I writing this? Well, I always had trouble getting a six pack throughout my training. When I was thinking about signing up for the Six Pack Shortcuts program, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points of the six pack abs workout, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

First of all - What Exactly are You Signing Up for with The Six Pack Shortcuts Training Course?

Here's a screenshot of the Members Area - Where you can download the entire course

Six Pack Shortcuts is a training course consisting of a series of online videos that that are designed to help you get a ripped six pack after around 3 months on the six pack abs exercises that Mike teaches. It’s dubbed the “Six Pack Shortcuts” as the abs workouts are specifically designed for training efficiency (the most possible results in the least amount of time).

But for those of you are hoping for “the least amount of effort” then think again!

This course is NOT a magic ‘how to get a ripped six pack’ scam which just tells you to take a magic pill and you will get a six pack stomach. You will have to work your ass off on this course to get a six pack, but I is definitely the most effective program I have ever tried.


“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to design your workout and diet plans to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.”

But don’ worry if you’re not sure about a video course because there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – you can return the program at any time for a no hassles, no questions asked 100% refund.

Click here to visit Mike Chang’s Official Website!

The Six Pack Shortcuts course is structured in a way that is easy to follow, but most importantly, teaches you to understand the reasons why you will get your six pack abs. The six pack program is structured in the following stages:

The Introduction to Phase 1 Video - Mike Explains and Walks You Through Every Workout

Phase 1: Accelerate Your Metabolism – Mike teaches you how to change your workout program to incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) techniques. This phase is designed to increase your muscle mass and calorie expenditure by training with higher intensity for shorter periods.

Phase 2: Burn the Belly Fat – The next stage of getting a six pack involves burning your belly fat. Once your metabolism is raised, you will further increase the intensity on this phase and going on Mikes ‘Zero Will Power Eating System’.


This system is worth the six pack shortcuts membership fee alone. I have always gone up and down on with my eating plans, but Mike teaches you have to select the right foods, buy them cheap (this is good because healthy food is usually expensive) and cook in bulk. This eliminates your choice so you are never tempted to stray off your six pack diet plan.

Phase 3: How to Build a Six Pack – once you have low body fat and can start to see your six pack stomach, You move onto another video and Mike teaches you about 10 or 12 specific six pack abs exercises which he has perfected over the years.

Phase 4: Learn how to Maintain Your Six Pack Stomach for Life – The final video teaches you a few additional exercises and tips to shed those last couple of pounds and keep them off for good. By this point you will probably have your ripped six pack abs and not really need to much stuff from this video.

Click here to go to the Six Pack Shortcuts Official Website!

What are the BAD points revealed in this Six Pack Shortcuts Review?

  • Mike Chang states that you can do the six pack program without gym equipment. If you’re serious about achieving your goals and getting ripped six pack abs, then you WILL need a gym membership or some weight training equipment in your home which can be expensive to buy.
  • The Six Pack Shortcuts are not really ‘shortcuts’. You will need to work harder than even in the gym, although with shorter workouts. The program just helps you get a six pack quicker and maintain it, but you still have to put the work in.

And, what are the GOOD points revealed in this Six Pack Shortcuts Review?

  • This is the most effective six pack program I have ever used. It’s so clear and structured and allowed me finally shed those last few pounds and reveal my six pack stomach.
  • Mike is an excellent personal trainer and motivator. I usually get bored of six pack abs exercises and concentrate on weights but watching the videos, Mike really inspired my to focus on my objectives and maintain consistency in my workouts and get a six pack stomach.
  • The ‘Zero Will Power Eating System’. This is the best diet plan I have ever followed. Before I used this, I would do really well for a short period of time and fall back into bad habits. I am now able to sustain my diet and keep my six pack abs.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – you can return the program at any time for a no hassles, no questions asked 100% refund.

Overall, what do I think?

Six Pack Shortcuts in my opinion is the best course for getting a six pack available on the internet today. Mick Chang has an impressive track record of helping guys achieve their goals and get ripped six pack abs (and it truly does show in the videos!). The six pack abs program is packed from start to finish with great information and tips to help you understand the basics of any six pack workout. I have learned everything I need to know about maintaining my six pack for life!

Click here to go to the Six Pack Shortcuts Official Website!

I hope this review has helped you make the right decision,


Seven Underground Six Pack Shortcuts for Getting a Ripped Six Pack

June 20th, 2011 3 comments

So, you’ve been working out for a while now trying to get a six pack. You’ve tried loads of different six pack abs exercises, things aren’t quite progressing as planned and you’re not getting the results from your current six pack workout.

Well, if you fall into the category above or you’re just starting out with you’re six pack abs program then I suggest that you keep reading this six pack shortcuts review. Mike Chang describes 7 proven six pack shortcuts for getting a ripped six pack.

Six Pack Shortcut #1 Cut the Ineffective Six Pack abs Exercises from your Workout Routine

Mike Chang estimates that about 90% of the time that most guys are spending doing six pack exercise is wasted. Nobody has ever taught them the RIGHT way to design a six pack abs program – so they spend hours upon hours doing six pack exercises that are proven to do almost nothing for your physique or getting a ripped six pack.

Mike suggests that the biggest time waster for guys trying to get a six pack stomach is long, slow cardio. Guys have been taught that they must job on a treadmill or ride a bike for hours on end to burn body fat and get six pack abs – but research has proven that cardio is actually extremely ineffective for losing weight and for a six pack workout program.

He goes on to say that nobody really knows how to get ripped so everyone just plays ‘follow the follower’. Everyone thinks that since long slow cardio is so popular for getting a six pack then it MUST be the right think to do. After all, that many people cant possibly be wrong can they?….

Just by cutting these ineffective forms of six pack abs exercises out of your workout and replacing them with an effective six pack program, you’ll make WAY FASTER progress than other guys in the gym. All their six pack exercise will be wasted and you will be squeezing the maximum possible muscle gain out of your six pack abs program and learn how to get ripped.

This is just a Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Click here and learn effective abs workouts from the Official Website

Shortcut #2: Short, Consistent Six Pack Abs Workout

Mike Chang says that when he first started trying to get six pack abs, he would go the gym and spend well over an hour there – and sometimes two. He figured the more time he spent there, the faster his progress would be. He soon realized that is NOT RIGHT. Marathon workout programs are not good for getting a ripped six pack for three main reasons…

Too many sets of six pack abs exercises – doing too many sets in your six pack abs program can cause you to lose muscle because your breaking them down too much.

Lower intensity - doing marathon six pack workouts saps the intensity of your six pack workout. It’s not possible to go all out for hours on end.

More likely to skip six pack workouts – Long abs workouts are psychologically grueling and make it more likely for you to skip your six pack abs workout.

Shortcut #3: Increase Your Metabolism to get a Ripped Six Pack

Mike Chang says that personal trainers tell you that the only way to lose weight and get a ripped six pack is to eat fewer calories. But, there is a way to eat as many, or more, calories and still get a six pack.

It’s simple: A person with more lean body mass is going to have a higher metabolism, because there is more active tissue that your body has to expend energy to maintain. If you can gain a significant amount of muscle, your metabolism will be increased. This means you will be able to get a six pack, even when you are eating plenty of food.

Shortcut #4: Cook a Healthy Food in Advance

Most people try to stick to a healthy diet but can never really stick to it consistently enough to finally get a six pack stomach. Diets actually have a 95% failure rate.

Mike Chang suggests that the answer to this problem is simple. Just cook a weeks worth of healthy meals at the weekend and stock your refrigerator with them. This will ensure that you eat healthy for the whole week because you have already bought and prepared the food so you wont want it to go to waste. You wont be tempted to eat and stand a better chance of getting six pack abs.

Shortcut #5: Focus – Learn 1 or 2 Key Habits at a Time

Mike Chang states that there are 12 key habits that are responsible for about 90% of your six pack abs results.

Focus only on learning one or two habits at a time. Only move on the next ripped six pack habits once you have mastered the previous ones. Start with the most important, and so one until you have implemented all 12 six pack abs habits and this will help you learn how to build a six pack.

Shortcut #6: Use a Multi Phased Plan to Focus on One Goal at a Time

It’s very hard to try and gain muscle mass and get ripped six pack abs at the same time. If you’re making gains in terms of body composition you wont be able to see results very quickly. You wont be able to tell if your six pack abs workout is working.

But if you focus on ONLY gaining muscle you’ll know much faster if your weights are going up and you see more muscle mass. And, if you ONLY focus on getting a six pack then you will know much faster if you can see your six pack stomach. It is hard to focus on both at the same time.

Mike Chang sets out a Six Pack Shortcuts four phase plan

1. Building metabolism
2. Burning belly fat
3. Building core muscles
4. Getting fully defined ripped six pack abs

This is a Six Pack Shortcuts Review site. Click here to go to the Official Six Pack Shortcuts Website

Shortcut #7: Get Coaching from the Best

Finally, Mick Chang talks about the ULTIMATE SIX PACK SHORTCUT to getting six pack abs. GET COACHING and TRAINING from the BEST.

The right training can have a MASSIVE difference on you six pack stomach results. So, how can I tell the difference?

Look at the personal trainers in your gym. Are they in shape? There are three main criteria to look for.

1. The guy has to be in great shape – If you taking advise from a personal trainer with an average physique then you’re making a mistake. If they can’t do t themselves when they spend all day in a gym then their advise is worthless.
2. The guy must have transformed his body like you need to – there’s no point taking advise from someone who is just a genetic freak or on steroids as they don’t really know what it take for regular guys.
3. The guy must be a great trainer – the guy must have a talent for teaching. Look for testimonials.

Who is Mike Chang? – Why should I listen to his Six Pack Shortcuts?

June 19th, 2011 No comments

Before I signed up for the six pack shortcuts training program, it was important to read a six pack shortcuts review, like you are doing now, to find out some background information about Mike Chang and his history in six pack exercise.

Mike Chang is an ISSA certified personal trainer whose journey in fitness and bodybuilding started about nine ago. He was once 220 lbs, and unhappy with his weight with no six pack abs visible. He states that he hated how guys with ripped six pack abs looked down on him for his pudgy body. He also talks about how women would be attracted to other guys with a six pack stomach and how he wanted to feel that way.

He decided that it SUCKED to have to live his entire life inside a body he didn’t like.  Pretty much, the same way I felt when considering the six pack shortcuts program. So he decided that he was going to get the body he wanted, WHATEVER IT TOOK and learned how to build a six pack and a ripped body. He became a personal trainer shortly after teaching guys like me how to get a ripped six pack.

He states that soon after designing his six pack abs program, he realized that while most people had a idea of how to build muscle and lose fat generally, they were completely clueless about how to get six pack abs. He concluded that there’s just an incredible amount of misinformation out there, which is why so few guys actually have a six pack stomach.

So, he started training more and more guys with the specific goal of getting six pack abs in mind and soon became known as a “six pack abs” specialist.

After reading his clients testimonials, I realized that they would call him if they had tried everything to cut up their abs and get a six pack stomach, and nothing had worked so far. I thought to myself, that SOUNDS LIKE ME! I had tried everything to get a six pack.

After so many successful results, he decided to offer his training services online in the six pack shortcuts training program for the FIRST 100 GUYS WHO SIGN UP.

Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Where did You Learn How to Get a Six Pack?

June 19th, 2011 No comments

My aim is to provide an honest Six Pack Shortcuts Review and after training with Mike Chang on the six pack shortcuts course, I learned a lot about the mistakes I previously make in my six pack abs workouts and the advise I took form people I trusted. If you want to achieve your goals a get a six pack stomach, then you need to ask yourself this question.

Where do most people learn about “how to get a six pack”? Chances are you learned from one or all of these three sources – friends, a trainer at a gym, or, God forbid, out of the bodybuilding magazines. You’re not any different than anyone else. That’s just how it is.

You see, getting six pack abs is not an organized sport with coaches and assistant coaches and organized practices and training drills. It doesn’t work like that. You have to learn how to get ripped six pack abs on your own and the resources available to learn from are pretty slim and just about all are wrong (well maybe not wrong, but certainly not right). In fact, the “experts” that write the learning material about getting a six pack and how to get ripped were educated the same way you were, they were just articulate enough (this can be argued) to write about it in an organized format.

Sad to say, chances are you have been taught how get a six pack and are training wrong. And if not “wrong” certainly not the best way to maximize muscle growth and get a six pack. This six pack shortcuts review can help to change this.

The most difficult part about six pack shortcuts is ridding yourself of all the bad training knowledge that you have learned over the years. You have to not only re-educate yourself, but forget all the “bad” methods and approaches that you have done for so long. If you’re new to working out then you are lucky. You will be learning the best six pack program right from the start. You will be fortunate enough not to have to break all the “bad” training habits and get a ripped six pack.

The Importance of Rest Breaks in Six Pack Shortcuts

March 1st, 2011 No comments

In order to provide the most honest six pack shortcuts review I can, I need to inform you about the importance of taking breaks from your six pack abs workout. Make no mistake. Six Pack Shortcuts is an intense form of abs training. It’s heavy and it’s hard. It’s result producing and will allow you to achieve a ripped six pack if you stick to it.. It’s not just the training part of the equation. It’s the mental approach to your six pack program, the diet approach, the timing aspect, the exercise techniques all rolled into one.

You need to understand that muscle growth, building strength and getting six pack abs doesn’t happen by accident. All in all, if your muscles including your abdominals are beyond their maturity, then will not want to grow and its hard to get six pack abs. You must force your ab muscles to grow and develop into a ripped 6 pack.

As I previously discussed, taking rest periods from six pack shortcuts is essential to let your abs develop and repair the damage caused by your six pack abs workout. Recuperation will determine how well your full body responds to the strain of your ab exercises not to mention your full body workout. There are four important points of recuperation revealed in the six pack shortcuts review.

1. Short-Term Recuperation – Between workout sets
2. Intermediate Term Recuperation – Between six pack workouts
3. Muscle Specific Recuperation – Between identical abs workouts
4. Cyclical Recuperation – Between Six Pack Shortcuts Training cycles

Taking one full week off from training every 8 weeks or so is vital for overall recovery, muscle growth and developing a six pack stomach.

Many people have a mental barrier to taking time off from six pack abs training. They feel like they are going to lose their ripped abs. However this is not true, with Six Pack Shortcuts, after a week off you will usually come back bigger and stronger with defined ab muscles.

This recovery time allows your body to grow and develop your full body and 6 pack. It is recuperating from 8 straight weeks of hard-core six pack training. With the proper diet habits, your body will be in a very high “anabolic” state. The after burn effect will be constant 24 hours a day.

When recovering from this six pack exercise do not do any strenuous aerobic or anaerobic activity to ensure that you body has time to recover and develop a six pack over the time. Refrain from any exhausting or physically taxing activities. This is a recuperation week that is a key element in Six Pack Shortcuts.

It is advised by me at Six Pack Shortcuts Review that you consume plenty of lean protein during this rest period as well. When you take time off from training you still need to eat correctly for growth to occur. In fact, is vitally import during this phase and for your six pack abs.